My first ever attempt at a Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) story. Thanks for reading...or rather playing! <3
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You find yourself walking through an unfamiliar forest...and yet, every now and then you recognize a rock beneath a tree with crooked branches or the way the moss covers a particular patch of ground near a small clearing. Your pace is hurried though you do not sense any danger. The forest speaks to you in the usual way a forest does. Birds chirping. Insects buzzing. The flow of water from a creek just out of site. You move through the woods for many hours until you notice that the day itself appears not to be progressing. It has been high noon for many hours now. After more time passes, with the sun still stubbornly hanging right above you, you find yourself walking past a rock beneath a tree with crooked branches. Shortly thereafter you find yourself in a small clearing with a patch of moss covering the ground just inside the woodline. It is at this time that you notice the sounds of the forest have quieted. The soothing water from the creek just out of site is gone. No animal chatter can be heard. Then, from behind you, a rushing sound begins. At first it seems to be a breeze finding its way through the labyrinth of trees but it builds in intensity to a degree that chills begin to run down your spine.

Without hesitation your already hurried pace begins to quicken until, like a startled mount, you find yourself running in as straight of a line as the trees will allow. You seem to be keeping just in front of the rushing sound, allowing yourself the occasional glance behind you in a vain attempt to see what is causing it. While the forest is quite thick in places you seem to be navigating this strange unfamiliar place with the agility of one who has spent their entire life within. Some time passes, still running you find that you have the stamina of an ox. You are not at all tired. In fact, you are not even the slightest bit winded. After once more passing by a rock beneath a tree with crooked branches your pace slows as you again find yourself in a small clearing with moss covering the ground just inside the edge of the woods.

You stop, realizing the futility of your situation. You survey your surroundings, the rushing sound now becoming so loud that it feels as though it is coming from all around. You steady yourself as the sound becomes more and more intense. A shadow covers the clearing you are standing in, blocking out the sun still high in the sky. A deafening roar, surprisingly louder than the rush of air that has been following you for hours now, erupts from whatever is casting a shadow over you. You look up just in time to see a mighty talon swooping down to clutch painfully onto your arm and shoulder. You grip onto the talon in an attempt to pry it off, when you notice your body suddenly becomes very heavy as you see the small clearing disappearing into the distance below you. The pain of the mighty talon digging into your skin becomes but a memory as, panicking, you find yourself gripping it as tightly as possible realizing it is now the only thing keeping you from a rather unpleasant end with the ground below.

While frantically gripping at the talon you feel smooth cool scales. Looking up you see what can only be the underbelly of a rather large dragon. You hear another roar burst forth from the creature and feel it changing direction. Directly in it’s flight path ahead you see a flock of gryphons approach. The beast tightens its grip on you, forcing you to once again remember the pain in your arm and shoulder, as it flaps it’s mighty wings, speeding toward the gryphons. You hold the talon, the wind beating against your face with such force you can barely keep your eyes open. Suddenly a blast of heat from above snaps your eyes open, absolute terror of the situation making the blowing wind become but a gentle whisper. The gryphons now surround your captor, screeching, clawing at its wings. The mighty dragon swoops and twists in an attempt to fend off its attackers. With little else to do you gaze upward noticing the sun glinting off scales of gentle green when the mighty winged beast lets out an enormous roar of pain as the gryphons continue their assault, apparently landing several blows.

And in an instant you feel such a blissful release of pressure on your arm and shoulder than you fail to realize for several seconds that you are now plummeting to the earth seemingly miles below. As you flail about through the air, tumbling head over foot, you occasionally see glimpses of scales and beaks and more talons than you care to imagine speeding toward you. Your body seems to float as your perspective shifts to the ever approaching ground below. Your final seconds spent in awe as you marvel at the beauty of the planet and the wonderful vastness and majesty of the world. Thinking to yourself what an adventure life would be taking the time to see and experience everything it had to offer. Your thoughts snap back to reality as you come crashing into the treetops, the sound of branches snapping, pine needles whipping against your face until *SPLASH* all sound suddenly becomes muffled, pain like you have never experienced and certainly never thought possible coursing through your battered body until the world goes dark and silent…

Continue your adventure?!?

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