Introduction [ALPHA]

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Introduction [ALPHA]

Post by gektek » Wed Apr 17, 2019 6:25 am

Information for the 'Extra Life a Goblin Quest RPG' is borrowed from the RPG book by Grant Howitt titled 'Goblin Quest'. Some of the information for my game is directly used from that book. Some of the information has been changed, added, or removed to fit to my liking. If you like my version of the Goblin Quest game I highly recommend picking up a copy of the original for yourself. And if Grant Howitt ever happens upon this, thank you for an amazing RPG! <3

How To Play
First and foremost, this game is a storytelling roleplaying game. Unlike traditional RPGs, with their lengthy character stats, pages upon pages of armor and weapons, spell lists, feats, multiple extravagant dice, and the dreaded THAC0 scores, this game revolves around creative stories. If you want your character to climb over a wall there is no need to roll a nearly round die and add various multipliers and bonuses defying the complex laws of mathematics to do so. In this game you simply explain why and how you want to climb over the wall and I, your game master, will tell you what happens next. On occasion, and to give the story a touch of randomness, I might ask you to roll a single, and simple, six sided die to see what interesting things happen with your choices. Climbing over that wall could go really well, really poorly, or somewhere in the middle. And that's all there is to it. Simple right?

As for equipment, or magic, or really anything, if you want your character to do or have something...just say so...but you do have to explain why or how you happen upon whatever thing you are trying to find or do. For example, you and your other goblin friends are in the woods fighting a nasty dragon. First off, why on earth are you trying to vanquish a dragon? Are you mad? Regardless, it would be really handy in this situation if you had some really good armor. So, you say your character looks around and notices a fallen knight who also tried to defeat the dragon. You tell me that you scamper off to pull the armor off of the knight and outfit yourself with it. No problem, you do that, but knowing that the knight was a human, who is much larger than a goblin, I ask you to roll a d6 to figure out how well your attempt at wearing the armor goes (see the 'Dice Rolls' table below). So, rolling a d6 you get a 4. Not a horrible result but still 'something slightly good' happens. So I then tell you that, because of your size, you manage to put on the metal gloves, boots, and helmet but unless you want your goblin friends to roll you around the battlefield you will have to do without the rest, especially the breastplate which you could probably use as a rather nice outhouse. And so there you are, equipped, more or less, with some fancy new armor ready to take on your dragon. Your friend, deciding you had a great idea says they find another deceased knight in armor and would like to do the same. I again ask them to roll a d6 for the result. Unfortunately they roll a 2, or 'something bad'. In this case, instead of going for the boots or the gloves or the helmet they go straight for the breastplate. After crawling inside and realizing it is much to big they find themselves now stuck, caught up by some of the inner latches and straps used to keep the armor together. Looking over, the rest of the goblin group find their friend waddling straight for the dragon like a young chick who has only managed to poke their legs out of its shell.

While this current situation does not look good for your friend who can't see a thing, some creative storytelling might just get them out of trouble. Nearly anything is possible in this game as long as you can explain why and how it is. The more detail to your explanation the better but don't worry if you can't fill in all the blanks, that's what I am here for, to guide you and your party on the path to greatness.

Character Creation
Creating your clutch of goblins is going to be a rather simple process but it is getting late and I need to get ready for bed so I will fill this in next time ;)

Character Info
First Name (x5)
Family Heirloom
Positive Trait (proper name?)
Negative Trait (proper name?)

Dice Rolls
  1. Epic Fail
  2. Something Bad
  3. Something Slightly Bad
  4. Something Slightly Good
  5. Something Good
  6. Epic Success
Hit Points and why a player has five goblins in their clutch
All goblins have two hit points. All goblins are very squishy. All goblins die...period. As goblins are such fragile creatures a player must create a clutch, or family, of five goblins to play with. While they will share a family surname, each goblin has its own first name, goal, and traits to interact in the world with. A family heirloom has unique properties of its own and is passed from goblin to goblin.

Using a family heirloom 'well’, achieving a significant step towards a characters goal, and using positive and negative traits in amusing and epic ways, as determined by the all powerful game master gektek, reward the character with a point of inspiration. Inspiration Points (IP) can be used to add +1 to any die roll for a greater chance of success. If a character dies, which will happen often, IP are lost.

Lucky Goblin Ear
These ‘momentos’, while gruesome in nature, hold interesting magical properties. When used they allow a player to re-roll their most recent dice action in the hopes of rolling a more favorable result. Very similar to IP but with, potentially, more power. Once used a Lucky Goblin Ear loses its magic and fades from existence. Unlike IP, Lucky Goblin Ears being tangible things, are not lost upon a characters death. The next family member in line can simply pick up any ears left by the recently deceased...this includes the left ear OF the deceased if they so choose to remove it.

Donation Incentives
Twitch Cheers of any amount will add to the parties IP pool. At any point a player feels their character could use a point of inspiration, and they currently have none, they may deduct 500 points from the IP pool to add one IP to their current roll. If less than 500 points are currently in the IP pool there are no points to be had. (SIDE NOTE: 110% of cheers received during a game session will be donated to the Extra Life charity. So for every 100 cheers, $1.10 will be donated)

Extra Life Donations of any amount of $1.00 or more will add to the parties Lucky Goblin Ear necklace. At any point a player feels their character could use a Lucky Goblin Ear, and they currently have none, they may deduct $5.00 from the Lucky Goblin Ear necklace to re-roll their current roll. If less than $5.00 are currently in the Lucky Goblin Ear necklace there are no ears to be had.

Twitch Subscriptions, including new subs, re-subs, and gifted subs, can introduce a character or situation into the game session. The subscriber or recipient of a gifted sub may choose, in a timely matter, to introduce a foe to fight against the goblin party, a friend to assist them, or a situation that helps or hinders gameplay. The game master will choose how best to introduce the suggestion into play, 'tweaking’ the suggestion if needed to fit the current story and theme.

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