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To new beginnings

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 2:31 am
by gektek awake with a start, sitting bolt upright with a gasp of astonishment and a moan of pain, when you realize you aren’t actually in any pain. Around you is darkness, though not the total darkness you would expect from being dead. Your eyes slowly begin to adjust to a dim light that seems to be coming from quite a distance away. Your hands down at your sides you realize you are sitting on a cold stone floor with what appears to be clumps of straw. Some sort of bedding you surmise. Looking around you find yourself in a small room. Tempting fate you slowly stand, aware that you have no shoes as your feet come in contact with the chill rough stone. Your eyes have adjusted to your surroundings enough to see that you are dressed in only a loincloth and are in fact in some sort of cell, the barred wall in front of you being the dead giveaway. How did you get here? Rubbing your shoulder and arm you seem not to be injured at all. Was it a dream? But it felt so real! The pain, the sites, the smells… What is going on? And more importantly...what do you do next?