HOW-TO Guide: gektek's shop raffle

General raffle info for the gektek forum
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HOW-TO Guide: gektek's shop raffle

Post by gektek » Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:36 pm

So if an item I have available in the shop here in the forums has [RAFFLE] in it's title there is a raffle being offered for that item. A raffle works by donating to gektek (send via PayPal to One (1) raffle ticket will be rewarded for every whole US dollar ($1) I receive via PayPal. I emphasis the 'every whole dollar' as we all know PayPal takes a few pennies from every transaction. There are calculators available to assist with this but point being sending $5 even via PayPal will probably only get you four raffle tickets so just keep this in mind. According to The Fee Calculator to receive five raffle tickets you would need to donate $5.46. Once you receive notification that I have 'given' you your raffle tickets you can then inform me as to which items you would like to spend them on. Once the items raffle total is met I will then draw a winner from those who entered.

Example: An item has a raffle price of $100. Person A donated for 5 tickets. Person B donated for 50 tickets. Person C donated for 20 tickets. Person D donated for 25 tickets. For a raffle price of $100 100 tickets needed to be collected. The above situation has 100 tickets. In a random drawing Person A is chosen to be the winner (cuz examples with high luck sound better ya? :P )

Person B, C, and D do not loose all their tickets however, they return to their ticket pool minus 50% (rounded in your favor). Person B would receive 25 tickets. Person C would receive 10. Person D would receive 13. You can then choose another item in the shop to bid your tickets on in hopes of winning that instead. If you only have one ticket bid on a raffle and you do not win your ticket returns to your pool to be used on a future raffle. Once you donate you get at least a small chance to win until you do. :D

If an item has both [RAFFLE] and [PURCHASE] in it's forum title and the item is purchased ALL raffle tickets will be returned with no 'pool restocking' penalty. Occasionally I will have an item listed that I myself would like to claim and will be purchasing my own raffle tickets for. These will have [CROWD] in the title to represent it as a crowd funded type item. No 'pool restocking' penalty will be accrued if I win the item. If someone else wins a [CROWD] then the pool restocking penalty will take place even for my raffle tickets.

If you have enough raffle tickets to completely cover the raffle price of an item you are allowed to submit the proper amount of tickets and receive the item outright.

Current Twitch subscribers may claim three raffle tickets to add to their pool each month. Simply post in this thread - OFFICIAL gektek Raffle Tally list - that you would like to claim your tickets once a month after your Twitch sub renews and then I will credit your pool so you can bid on shop items. This is the only place this will ever be mentioned so here's hoping my Twitch subs read this <3

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